Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for Vendlife users. General Questions, Partner Questions, and More! Check here before contacting Support in case your question has been answered.

We are a professional vending machine manufacturer with 10 years of professional experience and focus on vending machine R&D, design, production, sales, after-sales and operation. We have more than 50 patented technologies and multiple certifications. In the hardware part, we used a lot of imported parts to ensure long-term reliable operation of the machine. In the software part, our company has set up a software company to provide you with the most convenient and most user-friendly operation.
According to the categories of goods sold, we produce drink vending machines, food vending machines, combo vending machines, cosmetics vending machines, etc.

According to the cargo lane of the vending machine, there are spring vending machines, track vending machines, pothook vending machines, and lift vending machines.

Yes, the software is developed by ourselves. At present, the machines can support 8 languages, and other languages can be customized.
After the purchase of the machine, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, the compressor is guaranteed for three years, and we supply after-sales service for your vending machine for whole life.

If you meet problem in your using, the check will be performed remotely by phone or video, and small problems can be processed immediately. After judging the problem, if the hardware is damaged, the accessories will be replaced free of charge. After the warranty period, the accessories will be replaced, and we will only charge the cost of the accessories.

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