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Vendlife 24 hours unattended snack instant noodles vending machine

With state-of-the-art equipment and a professional team, Vendlife is ready to offer you excellent Vending Machines and Intelligent Unmanned Retail Solutions.

  • Shelves can be customized according to the type of goods.
  • 19-inch Super Large Screen External Display and cheap price.
  • Big screen upgrade experience better

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  • Dimensions(H*L*W) :1940*1207*870MM .
  • Weight: 240kg.
  • Capacity:

No. of shelves: standard 6.

Selections per shelf: 10.

of selections: 108.

Max capacity:300 items.

  • Internal temperature range: +5°C up to +25°C, Embroca compressor.
  • Water outlet method: one-click boiling water after purchase (temperature 70~95 degrees Celsius)
  • Max power consumption: 450W.
  • Power supply: 450W 110V~220V, 50/60HZ.
  • Screen: 19 inches.
  • Shipping method: Spring knob type shipment.
  • Certification: CE.

Customizable List:

  • Multiple Payment system: online payment.
  • Network:4G, WIFI, network cable.
  • Software system customizes MDB, DEX.
  • Flexible shelf: spacing, height, quantity.
  • Language.
  • Color: red/white.
  • Sticker. 3 sides can add the sticker for branding

Main features:

  • Flexible capacity: Tracks, springs, and hook shelves can be combined and customized.
  • Sale promotion: media function 19 inches LCD screen to adjust advertisement, Member system, shopping cart, Regular promotion.
  • Remote control.

Timely performance monitoring.

Low inventory alert.

Reminder malfunction.

Remote delivery.

Remote temperature control.

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