Vending machines have brought convenience to people’s life, and many people have learned that vending machines are a very good sales channel and source of income. So what do we need to know before we start the vending machine business? 

Vendlife vending machine experts will tell you the four points you need to know before starting the vending machine business, enjoy:-)

  1. Selected location

The operation of vending machines is a special industry, and the requirements for location are extremely high. It is easy to lose money if the location is not reasonable.

It is necessary to investigate and understand according to the flow of people near the location, consumption level, shopping environment, etc. Products should also be placed randomly according to the locality.

The better spots are schools, factories, hospitals, subways, train stations, tourist attractions, office buildings, communities, etc…

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Vendling machine locations

  1. Choose the right product

After we choose the location where the vending machine is placed, then we need to understand the characteristics of the location and choose the right product.


As offline retail terminals, vending machines, like convenience stores, have very limited coverage. Only a high repurchase rate can be profitable. Successful cases are selling snacks, beverages, food, fruits and vegetables, lunch boxes, beauty products, and other daily consumer products. Everyone can consume these products every day, and it is easier to succeed.

Of course, if your venue is exclusive, there is only one vending machine in this venue, and a certain type of merchandise is a necessity in this venue, then you can also choose vending machines to sell, so as to reduce labor costs.


  1. Choose the right vending machine type

If you are an entrepreneur who has never operated a vending machine and wants to start a vending machine business, you can choose a spring spiral vending machine that sells beverages and snacks. On the one hand, because the spring vending machines that sell snacks and drinks do not have many restrictions on the commodities that can be sold, the commodities that can be sold can be adjusted according to the operating situation. On the other hand, drinks and snacks are purchased more frequently, and it is possible to buy them when passing by.

If you are originally a brand operator and want to expand sales channels through vending machines, you can consult a professional vending machine manufacturer when choosing the type of vending machine. Professional vending machine manufacturers will recommend suitable vending machine types and channels based on the size and shape of the customer’s products and considering the customer’s brand promotion, such as elevating vending machines and crawler vending machines.

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Vendlife vending machines


If you want to use vending machines as a long-term source of income. Then there is another important vending machine function that needs to be considered, that is to choose intelligent vending machines. The vending machine has a network function and a remote management background. In the management background, you can directly understand the product inventory, sales data, sales, and profit in the vending machine directly in front of your home computer. You can view various operating data of the vending machine at any time without going to the site.

With such a background, you can keep track of the sales of commodities at any time, adjust the direction of commodities in a timely manner, and strive to maximize profits. At the same time, labor costs can be saved, allowing us to easily manage vending machines.

  1. Select manufacturers with high quality

We have considered a lot of things for the vending machine business. The final step is to choose a trusted vending machine manufacturer. If the quality is not good, it is easy to have small problems, which will consume a lot of our energy and maintenance costs and will also affect our business.

Therefore, you need to choose a mature vending machine manufacturer, not just looking at the price, but also need to know more details of the vending machine. Obviously to make money, if you simply want to save money, it is counterproductive.

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