Valentine’s Day “romantic economy” strikes, would you try a flower vending machine?

With the continuous improvement of contemporary people’s quality of life, flowers have become a necessity in people’s lives. Everyday people will put a bouquet of flowers in the office, give a bouquet to their lover on Valentine’s Day, and give a bouquet of carnations to their parents on Mother’s Day, etc.

In recent years, flower vending machines have quietly appeared in the market and gradually attracted more attention. During Valentine’s Day, such a self-service flower-selling machine appeared in various places.

Inside the one-person-high vending machine, more than 10 bundles of packed flowers are displayed in a transparent window rotating on 4 levels. The types of flowers include roses, tulips, hydrangea, lilies, etc. The instructions on the vending machine write, First fill in the corresponding flower number, and then insert a coin or banknote to make the payment, a window next to it will automatically open, you can take out the flowers, the whole process does not exceed 1 minute.

A vending machine is maximum of 32 bunches of flowers can be placed in the machine at a time. When one bunch is sold, the vending machine will send a text message to the staff’s mobile phone to remind the operator to arrange replenishment. The staff also revealed that they will be placed in large commercial districts, hospitals, airports, railway stations and other places after the Spring Festival

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