For vending machines, I believe that most people know how to operate and operate, and many people focus on the choice of brand and performance, and few people pay attention to the after-sales maintenance of vending machines. Good after-sales maintenance can extend the life of the machine, increase operating time in disguise, and the profit margin is relatively larger.


1 outside the vending machine

A good and clean external environment can attract more passenger traffic to a certain extent. When the outside of the machine is covered with dust, we only need to wipe it with a dry rag. If it can’t be wiped off, we need to scrub the outside of the vending machine with warm water or diluted with neutral detergent. In addition, you should not use chemicals such as paint solvents or banana water, otherwise accidents may occur.

2 merchandise shipping chute

The merchandise’s shipping chutes are kept clean in order to make the merchandise more unobstructed when it debuts. Therefore, the cleaning time should be at least once a month to remove the stains or dust on the top, so that the consumer can buy back again.

3 Coin or banknote recognizer for vending machines

Coins and banknotes are more likely to be contaminated with dust. When dusty coins pass through the vending machine coin channel, over time, the channels will be dirty. If the residual dust or stains are serious, it will lead to the vending machine. The performance of coin selection, change, and withdrawal of coins is abnormal. Therefore, like the other machines mentioned above, scrub at least once a month, and moisten the rag with water when scrubbing.

4 Condenser and evaporator of vending machine

The outside of the machine needs to be cleaned regularly, and the parts inside the machine need to be properly cleaned. Such as condensers and evaporators. When cleaning the condenser, use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to gently move the dirt or dirt attached to the heat sink in the up and down direction. When cleaning the dirt inside the evaporator, remove it and wash it with water.

Vending machines need to be well maintained during operation, and should be carefully maintained when not in use for a long time. When a vending machine is not in use for a long time, it should be locked. First, remove all the products placed inside, and then set the switch of the leakage protector to OFF, unplug the power supply, wipe the inside and outside of the vending machine, and finally put a protective cover on the vending machine. Keep it in a safe place.