The Southeast Asia(Malaysia)Vending Machine&New Retail Industry Expo 、2023 Southeast Asia (Malaysia)Retail Technology & Supermarket Equipment Expo will be held from December 1st to 3rd. With the theme of “Gather momentum to promote the industry development·Share the Southeast Asian market together”,andthe coreof display and transaction,it displaysself-service vending machines and new retail productsfrom the perspective of new retail industry, so as to build a trading platform for new retail related products and projects in Southeast Asia,stimulate andpromote the innovative development of new international retailmarkets and industries.

According to the survey, in the five years to 2022, Malaysia’s vending machine sales increased by 70%, China by 40%, Singapore and Thailand by about 10%. Smart vending machines drive the amount up. The penetration of mobile payment in Asia is high and the security is relatively good, with low risks of theft and vandalism. High labor costs also ontribute to the sales of vending machines…In Asia, what drives the use of smart vending machines is the high penetration of mobile payments. Data from US financial services giant Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) shows that 44% of payments in stores in the Asia-Pacific region are mobile payments! All kinds of vending machines in Malaysia are relatively complete, in addition to the traditional beverage machines, the existing smart cabinets and drug vending machines with non-inductive payment can be seen !
Our company has made full preparations for this exhibition, we carry 14 vending machines:

1.Crane machine
2.Laundry machine
3.Express cabinet
4.External screen vending machine
5.Lunch box vending machine
6.Snake vending machine
7.Makeup vending machine
8.Instant noodle vending machine
9.Elevator vending machine
10.Multifunction vending machine
11.Panoramic blind box machine
12.Coffee vending machine
13.Massage chair
14.Ice cream vending machine

Welcome to visit and learn more!